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          Deborah Parker, Owner

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Please let me tell you about the newest
Super Fast 4G Internet in Atlanta and other Nationwide Markets! It would really be worth your while to check out the latest and greatest in wireless technology that is here available to all of us in 2011-2012. (See PRICING directly below this.) There are many different types of Mobile Internet available including wireless modems for the home, USB modems for laptops and Nationwide coverage laptop USB 4G+ modems, as well, for coverage ANYWHERE you are, mobile, with you.  OH, and don't forget, all of those CELL phones you need!!!  Please call me to discuss your individual or company needs and I will suggest the best deals and types of phones that would be best for your family or business. 

To show our appreciation and give you an added incentive to join the Network, we are offering a $10 Gift Card for you.

Ready to Go
  • Connects virtually instantly inside the CLEAR™ 4G network
  • No external modem required
  • Light weight (2.8 lbs.) makes it ideal for travel
  • Quick system boot-up

Pricing Plans 

Mobile 4G USB (fastest speed available) Equipment Pricing
HOTSPOT 5 to 8 devices

$50 per month  Unlimited Use
(Select Nationwide cities)
All Unlimited Use
Will be 80 cities!!

Nationwide 3G/4G Mobile Internet USB Modem or Hotspot
3GB/4G Unlimited Use
$44.99 per month +$.25/kb roaming off network

All Equipment can be purchased.   Call me for pricing and personalized help for a solution for you.  Or, you can always click on one of the links with a Wirefly logo and order yourself, please call me with any help in ordering, but PLEASE be sure to finish your order there after you have clicked from my website to get there.  Always click from Parker's Wireless Website, so we can get credit for the sale.  If, you don't speak to me, please go to my Contact Us Page here and let me know you have placed an order and give me the order #, so I can help you track your package to make sure you receive good customer service. Please do this.

You really need to see what fast, cool things can now be done on our home Computers and Laptops, and Smartphones, even from out in the field, riding in your car, at the ballfield, at the project site, wherever! Like uploading huge architectural files and QUICKLY, at that. Please call me to see if our Internet service is available at your address in the large surrounding Atlanta coverage area and most major cities Nationwide, now.  We also have 3G/4G Nationwide coverage for Cell phones AND Internet through almost ALL major Mobile Internet Carriers available ANYWHERE in the US. 

We can do this over the phone for cell phones AND for Internet Setup.  No one has to come to your house to set it up for you.  For Internet - Plug it in and install a small software program and you are up and running in 5 minutes - for HotSpots, charge them for 4 or more hours and ready to go. 
Very Quick & Easy Set-up - No wires! I have 10 years of experience with setting up cell phones for customers in many different states, over the phone, and while I worked for Sprint/Nextel. 
I also have experience handling Corporate Accounts. My references will tell you that they were very happy with how I made each one of them my #1 priority as soon as I received their call and pushed myself to the limit every time they called to make sure they were happy as quickly as I could. I did this by solving their problems
 or giving them a solution that would quickly ease their mind and get them back on the road to productivity. YOU, my customer, is my main concern. Please call me and give me a chance to show you how YOU can become a "happy" customer. 

Let’s not forget you also receive your $10 gift card per referred customer AND THEY receive their $10 gift card for setting up a cell phone account with a new carrier.  I would love to save you some money and give you some money as well.

Don’t miss out!
Please call or email me with any questions and to take advantage of our great promotions!
Give me a call Today!
(770) 272-2071   
and just ask for Deborah- Your Internet-Cell Phone Lady!
I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

Deborah Parker
CLEAR ™ Authorized ReSeller
Parker's Wireless Services 
Atlanta Metro & all of North GA
770-272-2071 office
770-272-2071 fax
PO Box 723
Cumming, GA 30028
Serving Nationwide
Including All Nationwide for all Products 
& Nationwide for TMobile Cell Phones & 3G/4G Internet Service

Please call me first before you place your order for phones the first time, so we can chat about your personal needs. (770) 272-2071 or

We will show you super fast Internet solutions to choose from. 

We will support and help you with your account.

We will help you pick out the right cell phone for your needs.

We will help you develop an office group cell phone plan or

a family share plan or an individual plan, whatever you need.

I have been providing outstanding, reliable customer services to our valuable clientèle for over 10 years. Let us help you design and implement a mobile Internet and cell phone strategy for your business that will save you money. In today's market, it is essential that every penny is saved and stretched to the best of our ability....we can help you achieve that with a plan for your cellular minutes needs and your mobile Internet needs for those sales reps on the road or working from home.  And, for your office wireless Internet needs, as well.  Protect your business $$$'s...Call Parker's Wireless Services today. You can't afford not to.

Our knowledgeable and friendly support representatives provide 24/7 service. Our carriers are never closed. We save you money and productivity, using our innovative strategy of grouping minutes to give you the best savings and proactive maintenance of your accounts to keep your bill manageable.  Our goal is to predict changing needs and prepare for them before a problem arises.  It is always easy to add on to your account and expand your business.

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